Day 5: Katzrin, Mount Bental, Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan

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My new friend Shannon, from Calvary Church Santa Ana, is also keeping a blog for their church. In an effort to get caught up, here is her post, along with some of my pictures, from Day 5!


Golan Heights is where our fifth day in Israel began. We had an immersive experience in ancient Jewish town, costumes and all. We had our teaching in an astonishingly intact ancient home, where we were able to visualize the story in Mark where the paralyzed man was lowered through the roof to Jesus. We reflected on the lengths his friends went to give him access to Jesus, and how we should use that privilege ourselves. We also learned WonderBread is very bad, while making our own whole wheat, stone ground pita.

It was followed up by a short stop at an authentic olive oil factory that utilizes every part of the olive in their oil and skincare products.

Caesarea Philippi, a pagan city nestled under a cliff face, was our next stop. Built by Herod’s son, this city housed the temples of Zeus, Pan, and Caesar along with the “gates of Hades.” It was here, on the rock atop this pagan gathering place, that Jesus proclaimed he would build his church.

From there, we traveled to an ancient city belonging to the tribe of Dan. We hiked through a forested region, seeing a large spring that feeds the Jordan river, the most ancient arch found to date, and the temple where Jeraboam sent one of his idolatrous Golden Calves. Here we better understood the fall of the tribe of Dan and the danger of casting aside God’s will through compromises.

This long day of driving was capped off with a cappuccino at Israel’s favorite coffee shop- Aroma Coffee. Step aside, Starbucks!

We’re eager to see what comes next!