Pastor Nominating Committee

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We thank you for your prayers as we as we undertake this important task in discerning the future of our church.

The congregation is invited to share input on the qualities and personal characteristics that you are looking for in the next Sierra Vista pastor.

Please feel welcome to contact us with any recommendations, concerns, or questions you have; or if you would like to connect with any of the PNC’s members as we begin the search for Sierra Vista’s next senior pastor.

To reach the Pastoral Nominating Committee or any of its members, please email us at

Our next meeting will be January 7th, 2024.

Members of the pastoral Nominating Committee are:

Bob Rose (Co-Chair)
Phyllis Thomas (Co-Chair)
Bill Dodge
Steve Ewert
Michelle Hagen
Lily Lee
Christina Melahn
Megan Prigmore
Isaac Rumohr
Daniel Takanishi

It is noteworthy that we elected Bob Rose and Phyllis Thomas as our co-chairs at our last meeting and that we are currently gathering information to form a current church profile (a document articulating the unique character of the church, its program, and mission direction.)